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Franksville, WI 53126
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Machinery Rebuilders
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Over the years, we've kept our rates at a very reasonable level.  If you shop around, you'll agree that we're the best value.

Field Service (Outside) Labor
n Weekdays (Monday through Friday) - $85.00/ man-hour
n Overtime (Weekdays) - $127.50/ man-hour
n Saturdays - $127.50/ man-hour
n Overtime (Saturday) - $170.00/ man-hour
n Sundays & Holidays - $170.00/ man-hour
n Daily Travel Time - $60.00/ man-hour plus
n Mileage - 60¢ per mile plus
n Per Diem Expense - $105.00/ night if applicable*
n Normal Labor - $70.00/ man-hour
n Hourly Charge - $115.00
     * Price may be higher depending on location.

In-House Labor
Also by quotation.

Laser Calibration