Machinery Rebuilders
Our expert Mechanical Department at Metro consists of many factory-trained machine tool rebuilders.  The department strives to give the best service it can to all types of machine tools, be them foreign or domestic.   Modifications of all shapes and sizes are made in house at our complete machine shop.
Spindle Rebuilding
Our rebuilders can rebuild your spindles to "like new" condition.  In our temperature controlled inspection room, spindle experts are able to do the job right.  Spindle rebuilding calls for special conditions and special knowledge -- a very clean environment and previous experience.  DON'T TAKE A CHANCE -- Let Metro do the job for you!
In our temperature-controlled inspection room, your spindle or ballscrew will be inspected to the most minute detail.  It will then be moved to the ballscrew and spindle lab for rebuild or repair.  Let our staff and facilities work for you!
Metro Machinery Rebuilders
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