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Preventive Maintenance (PM) programs
Our industrial engineers have come up with programs that can be completed to keep your machines up and running in optimal condition.
Let Metro's step-by-step preventive maintenance programs work for you.
We can customize our programs to your needs.
We will send a team of techs to thoroughly clean and overhaul your machines using our carefully compiled step procedures.
Our programs are constantly updated to meet the changing nature of machine tool technology.
Add life to your machines -- participate in a Metro Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program today!
Maintenance Engineering
At Metro, "Maintenance Engineering" refers to all that labor that transforms a machine from an old, dirty piece of stock to a brand new looking piece of equipment!   Everything from power-washing to electrostatic painting to sheet metal housing, Metro's Maintenance Engineers can tackle it all!
Features of Maintenance Engineering:
Complete tear down.
Power washing of entire machine and guarding.
Hand cleaning of individual parts.
Repair & Replacement of mangled or broken parts.
Electrostatic painting.
Plexiglas fabrications.
Reassembly and inspection of the finished projects.
We can also work to meet your individual specifications!
Powerwash, Paint and Weld
Want to make that old machine look like new?  Have it cleaned, painted, and patched!  

Metro's Maintenance Engineering department can clean your machine, weld up those breaks, and paint your machine and ship it back to you !
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