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CncGcoder® HD
now available through Metro
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CncGcoder® HD
Announcing the new, ruggedized 7½" x 3½" x 1" CncGcoder® HD — now available through Metro Machinery Rebuilders thanks to our friends at RBR Associates.

The ultimate LEAN Machining Tool
· Great handheld CNC Programming Tool
· Designed for machine tool maintenance and programming personnel, the CncGcoder® HD is a handheld tool for backing-up, editing, and transferring CNC machine tool G-Code programs.
· The new CncGcoder® features an easy-to-use, PC compatible Windows CE file system. Users can store and organize G-Code programs in unlimited directories. An integrated SD card slot offers limitless memory capabilities and enables the user to directly transfer the files between the CncGcoder® and any computer
· Additional features include a CNC-style keyboard layout for quick program edits and a high-capacity, rechargeable battery for hours of continuous use between charges.
· The CncGcoder® HD handheld is liquid, dust, and shock-resistant and is designed to withstand a four-foot drop without damage. The included CNC serial cable uses a heavy-duty, screw-in connector for reliable connections on the shop floor.
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Complete package includes:
· Handheld unit with pre-installed CncGcoder® software.
· RS-232 serial cable.
· Battery charger.
· Backed by a full factory warranty.
Get the complete package  for $1499.
Call (262) 835-9150 to order.
· Optional, widely available, SD card  (.95" x 1.26" x .08" actual size) is not included.  Don't have a slot on your PC for an SD Card?  We can supply you with a combo USB Connection/ 32Mb SD Card memory stick as an additional option for  $50. No additional shipping charge if shipped with CncGcoder® HD Complete Package.
· CncGcoder® HD USB ActiveSync® Cable. Connects CncGcoder® HD to Computer for $80. No additional shipping charge if shipped with CncGcoder® HD Complete Package.